We remember with love Pardee Rand Graduate School, Distinguished Chair in International Economics

Prof. Charles Wolf

Advisory Board Member

Professor Charles Wolf joined RAND in 1955 and headed the Economics Department from 1967 to 1981. He served as founding dean of the Pardee RAND Graduate School from 1970 to 1997; he is now a professor at the school. Prof. Wolf served as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State (1945–1947, 1949–1953). In the early 1950s, he was a visiting professor of economics and Asian studies at Cornell University and an assistant professor of economics and Far East studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Prof. Wolf is a senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and is on the advisory board of the Center for International Business and Economic Research at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He is a board member of Capital Income Builder and of Capital World Growth and Income, Inc., and a member of the American Economic Association, the Econometric Society, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. He currently teaches Governance in Three Domains: Public, Corporate, Non-Profit course in Rand Graduate School.

In 2007, Wolf received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon, from the government of Japan. He was recognized for helping to nurture U.S. public opinion that was favorable to Japan through his balanced analyses and thereby promoting the maturation of Japan's relationship with the United States. The award he received is Japan's highest honor for members of academia.

Did you know?

Prof. Charles Wolf plays tennis daily at age 90.


  • International Economic Relations
  • International Trade
  • Japan; China, North Korea, South Korea


  • Looking Backward and Forward: Policy Issues in the Twenty-first Century