Research Program Manager

Dr. Fatma Öğücü Şen

Fatma Öğücü Şen is responsible for content development and research projects in Argüden Governance Academy. She has experience as a management consultant with a concentration on organizational restructuring and process improvement. Prior to the consulting experience, she was a research specialist in Middle East Strategic Research Center and visiting researcher in University of Greenwich.

Fatma was a research specialist in granted projects of price convergence and sector analysis. Over her career, she contributed to various articles in national and international journals and presented papers in various conferences mainly in the areas of corporate governance, price convergence and stakeholder analysis. Since 2012, Fatma is senior managing editor in the Journal of Applied Economics and Business Research.

She holds her B.S. degree with honor scholarship in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Sabanci University and M.A. degree in Economics and Finance from Bosphorus University. She has received her PhD in business administration with a concentration in finance. She has expertise in various statistical analysis programs and focused on the relationship between corporate governance and financial reporting quality.


  • Corporate governance
  • NGO governance
  • Price convergence analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis


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