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To move towards a more sustainable future, we need to have organizations that assume their sustainability responsibilities and take action.

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Sustainability Governance Scorecard 2021

Governance is providing guidance and oversight to management to ensure sustainability of the organization by gaining the trust of all stakeholders. Therefore, good governance is about creating a climate in which a culture for building value and trust nourishes. Good governance needs to ensure that the organization has the right people, processes, information, and values to create value and trust. Happiness and success come from aligning our thoughts, words, and deeds. Therefore, we need to change our terminology of ESG to G(EES) to instill a proper understanding of Good Governance that needs to encompass evaluation of the impacts of management decisions on the Economic, Environmental, and Social domains.

We need to understand that good governance is the key to the sustainability of sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Governance Scorecard© relies on the broader perspective of sustainability –sustainability of sustainability efforts– which is the key for good governance. In SGS 2021, we emphasize that the necessary ingredient of sustainability is governance. Some parts of our report mention sustainability subtopics as E,S,G due to the reporting mechanisms of the companies as this research relies on their public disclosures.

Argüden Governance Academy has been conducting this impact-research for the last three years to review the financial and sustainability disclosures of about 200 Global Sustainability Leaders from 7 countries through a governance lens. While the sustainability performance of various companies is difficult to compare, as such performance is context specific, their approach to governance of sustainability efforts provides important insights for everyone.

We hope that the Sustainability Governance Scorecard© will help improve the state of the world by speeding up peer learning from the Global Sustainability Leaders analyzed in this research.


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Sustainability Researcher

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