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Quality of Regulatory Policy and Quality of Life

In this series, we are translating and presenting the "OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook" Report, which is published by the OECD every three years, into Turkish. We provide and evaluate the data in a comparable manner.


Good Governance Recommendations for G20

In this study, as a member of the C20 Governance Working Group, we analyze and discuss various national and international issues that are important for civil society and provide our opinions to the G20 governments, representing the world's largest 20 economies.


Inclusive Municipality Governance Scorecard

This study, conducted in collaboration with KA.DER (Association for Support and Training of Women Candidates), contributes to the equal and free development of girls and women in Türkiye, enabling them to lead their lives in better and higher quality conditions.


Participatory Democracy: Empowering NGOs

With the support of FES (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung), the study conducted in collaboration between TEPAV (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Türkiye) and TESEV (Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation) aims to strengthen Civil Society Organizations, which are essential for participatory democracy.


Corporate Governance Rating for NGOs

With our collaboration with Kobirate and TKYD, we assess the compliance of civil society organizations with corporate governance principles and provide support for their development.