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Inclusive Municipality Governance Scorecard

This study, conducted in collaboration with KA.DER (Association for Support and Training of Women Candidates), contributes to the equal and free development of girls and women in Türkiye, enabling them to lead their lives in better and higher quality conditions.

Inclusive Municipality Governance Scorecard

We aimed to contribute to the decision-making, resource allocation and utilization, service delivery and gender-sensitive institutionalization and reduction of inequalities in the light of the good governance principles with the Inclusive Municipality Governance Scorecard.

Within the scope of the Inclusive Municipality Governance Scorecard research, we measured and evaluated the inclusivity of Bağcılar and Kadıköy Municipalities in terms of women and girls, to what extent they reflect it in their governance processes, institutional mechanisms, and activities, using 231 indicators. Through our publication interpreting the data obtained from this research, our aim is to contribute to the areas of strength and areas open to development of a district municipality in terms of inclusivity, process governance, good governance principles, and the learning cycle.

This research aims to measure the climate of inclusivity, particularly for women and girls, in the selected pilot districts of Bağcılar and Kadıköy Municipalities. Our study serves as a guiding framework for local civil society organizations and municipalities, providing recommendations to guide Bağcılar and Kadıköy Municipalities.

We determined the scorecard of the district municipalities based on three main categories: process governance, governance principles, and the learning cycle. Accordingly, we generated a scorecard score. Our research was conducted using publicly available data from the relevant municipalities.