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Sustainability 101 Training

It is a training that brings together university students with leading companies in their respective sectors, aiming for a higher quality of life and a sustainable future.

Sustainability 101 Training

The energy of youth and women comes together for a better future, as university students who say "I'm also here for a better world!" gather in the Sustainability 101 Training.

Sustainability 101 Training is a program that brings together university students and leading companies in the industry for a better quality of life and a sustainable future.

During Sustainability 101 program, students can experience both theoretical and practical knowledge. Participants receive training from experts in the field on topics such as good governance, which has become a focal point in international discussions, companies' understanding of sustainability, design thinking, project management, and presentation techniques. Workshops will be organized where participants can reinforce their learning by experiencing the topics covered in the training. During the workshops, volunteers from Argüden Governance Academy Youth Network will serve as mentors.

In this training, participants will have the opportunity to develop their own sustainability project based on the knowledge and experiences they acquire. At the end of the training, they will also have the opportunity to present their projects to companies and potentially implement them.

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